Navn Niveau Counts Stepsheets Video
Walking on the Moon
Beginner 32/4
Waltz across Texas Ultra Beginner waltz 48/1
Wandering Hearts High Improver 32/2
Wanna Be With U Easy Intermediate 64/2
Wave On Wave Beginer 32/2 
Waves of Love  Improver 64/4 
We Are Who We Are  Intermediate 64/2 
We Go Round  Intermediate  48/2
We Only Live Once Absolute Beginner 32/2 
We Were  Improver 32/2 
When I Get It  Improver 32/4 
Where Cowboys Are Kings  Beginner 32/2 
Whiskey Bridges  Beginner 32/2
Who Needs Mexico Intermediate 64/2 
Who Needs Mexico?  Improver  64/2
Whole Lot Of Leavin´Goin On  Improver 48/2  musik
Why Can´t I Say Goodbye  Improver 32/2 
Why Did It Have To Be Me Beginner  32/4   
Why Walk When You Can Fly  Improver 64/4   
Wintergreen Intermediate 64/4
Wintergreen EZ Absolute beginner 32/4
Woman Amen   Improver + 64/4   
Working On Me  Intermadiate 32/2 
 Worth a Shot Improger  32/4 
 Wrong Direction  Improver 32/4