Uge 43 og 44/2022

Nye Begynder 17:30 – 18:20Øvede 18:00 – 18:50
Mamma Maria (country touch) (NY)Knock Off (årsdans)
Easy Dance (NY)Jesse James
You Need A Mann Around Here (NY)Country Touch
Try Everything (NY)Dim The Lights
She’s a Natural (Country Girl)Portland Cha
Broken Neon HeartsWe Only Live Once (GL) (NY)
Coffe Days and Whiskey Nights
We Only Live Once
Love Grows (årsdans)
Mighty Fine (årsdans)
That’s When I Remember
Letøvede 18:30 – 19:30Begynder + 19:00 – 19:50
2 Stepping AwayMake It
Crystal TouchWhen The Night Falls
Candles Burnin and Records TurninImpossible Love
Make It (årsdans)I´m On My Way
Mama & MeHere We Go – Easy
Sweet Ireland
Through Your Eyes
Storm and Stone (årsdans)
Øvede 19:40 – 21:00Letøvede 20:00 – 21:00
Dance Before You Leave MeMama & Me
Makes Me WonderBack On Monday
Country TouchBottom of the Bottle (årsdans)
Til You Can´tA Little Bit Lauder
Turning TablesDon’t Break the Heart
I´ve Seen It AllGreen Green Grass
Portland Cha
Knock Off (årsdans)
Jesse JamesForbehold for ændringer. 😊
Begynder:Love Grows, Mighty Fine , Bottom of the Bottle
Letøvede:Storm and Stone, Make It
Øvede:Knock Off