Uge 22

* = Gennemgang 1 stk væg, så musik.

Begynder kl 17.30-18.20Begynder kl 18.00-18.50
You Can Hear A Heart BreakYou Can Hear A Heart Break
Let’s ChillLet’s Chill
Try Everything (NY)Try Everything (NY)
My Little Old LoverMy Little Old Lover
Country Boy Lovin*Country Boy Lovin*
Wintergreen EZWintergreen EZ
Come Dance With Me*Come Dance With Me
Letøvede kl 18.30-19.20Letøvede kl 19.00-19.50
Muddy water HealingMuddy Water Healing
Home To YouHome To You
Wrong Direction*Wrong Direction*
Where Are We GoingWher are We Going
Just A Memory*Just A Memory*
Senorita La La La*Senorita La La La*
Øvede kl 19.30-20.45Øvede kl 20.00-21.00
I’ve Seen It AllI’ve Seen It All
You Can Hear A Heart Break (NY)You Can Hear A Heart Break (NY)
Down To One*Down To One*
Jesus And WranglersJesus And Wranglers
Pot Of Gold*Pot Of Gold*
Little Less BrokenLittle Less Broken