uge 2/2022

Nye begyndere 17:30 – 18:20Begyndere 18:00 – 18:50
Mamma MariaMamma Maria2
Country Boy Lovin´6Country Boy Lovin´
This And ThatThis And That3
My Little Old Lover13My Little Old Lover8
Walking on The Moon1Walking on The Moon1
Crash And BurnNYDown To The HonkytonkNY
Float Ya´ Boat  (Årsdans)4The Road4
Sugar, Sugar6Try Everything2
Easy Dance3Come Dance With Me4
Shivers BabyBad Habits Leads To You (Årsdans)6
When You Smile1Den Allersidste Dans2
The Little FarmerWintergreen EZ6
Looking Up2
Let øvede 18:30 – 19:30Let øvede 19:00 – 19:50
NobodyNYDance DarlinNY
Lucky Dust4Down To One8
Crazy Legs3Corn (Årsdans)5
Do It All Again (Årsdans)7My Bestie10
Kill the Spiders8Here We Go5
Just a Memory5Wrong Direction3
Little Less Broken7Into The Dark Night3
Øvede 19:40 – 21:00Øvede 20:00 – 21:00
Chill FactorNYDoctor DoctorNY
Ring Ding3Never Be That Girl4
One Too Many10Hello Beautiful8
Tonight We´re Dancing6Fields of Athenry2
Dance Before You Leave Me6Jesus and Wranlers4
Train Wreck (Årsdans)6I´ve Seen It All8
Årsdanse 2021/2022
Beginner:Sunset Road, Float Ya´Boat,
Bad Habits Leads to You
Improver:Do It All Again, Corn
Intermediate:Train Wreck