Uge 16/2023

Begynder 17:30 – 18:20Øvede 17:30 – 18:50
Never Drinking AgainWhiskey On The Shelf
Black CoffeeTake Myself Dancing (B)
Mighty Fine (B) (årsdans)Country Touch (B)
Sunset Road (B)Devil In A Dress
Do It With Style (B)We Did
Louisiette (GS)Knock Off (B) (årsdans)
I Want A Cowboy for a Night (GS)Get In or Get Out
Rum In My Coke (B) (GS) Portland Cha
Come Dance With Me (B)1 2 Snap (B)
When Will I Be Loved (B)When You´re Drunk (B)
Turning Tables
Letøvede 18:30 – 19:30Begynder +: 19:00 – 19:50
Sweet Ireland (B)Heave Away (NY) (B)
Forever And EverMini Mariana
Take your TimeDwight´s Above and Beyond (GS)
New Friends (B)Bottom of The Bottle (B) (årsdans)
2 Stepping Away (B)Love Grows (B) (årsdans)
DrinkabyDen Allersidste Dans (B)
Watch ItUntil The Dawn
Make It (B) (årsdans)Adios Cowboy
All SummerSummer in Ireland (GS)
Øvede 19:40 – 21:00Letøvede 20 – 21:00
Take Myself Dancing (B)Forever And Ever
Hand Me DownsDo It With Style (B)
Dim The Lights (B)Heavens Jukebox (B)
Crystal Cha (B)Gives Me Shivers (B)
Versions of YouMama & Me (B)
Til You Can’t (B)Be A Better Man (B)
Never Gonna Not Dance (B)Storm And Stone (årsdans) (B)
Candles Burnin and Records Turnin (B)
I’ve Been Waiting For You
Save It For a Sunny Day
Take Your Time
Årsdanse 2022/2023
Beginner:Love Grows, Mighty Fine, Bottom of the Bottle(B) = Bakkedans
Improver:Storm and Stone, Make It(GS) = Gadedans Skærbæk
Intermediate:Knock Off
Forbehold for ændringer. 😊