Tag OnNovice64/2
Take ItImprover32/4
Take Me HomeBeginner32/2
Take Myself DancingIntermediate32/4
Take your TimeImprover32/4
Tell The Truth!Improver32/4
Telling On My HeartIntermediate32/2
Telling On My Heart EZBeginner NC16/2
Texas connection TooHigh Beginner32/2
Texas Hold ‘EmImprover32/4
Texas Hold ‘Em EZEasy Beginner32/4
Texas TimeIntermediate64/4
Texas Time beg.Beginner32/4
Texas Time (contra)Beginner/Improver32/0
That Honky Tonk HighwayAbsolute Beginner32/4
That´s country broImprover32/4
That’s When I RememberBeginner32/4
The ApologyImprover32/2
The BompImprover64/2
The Card You GambleHigh Improver32/2
The DrifterHigh Beginner32/4
The Jester & the JokerImprover64/2
The One You´re Waiting OnIntermediate44/2
The FreezeBeginner16/4
The Last To KnowImprover32/4
The Little FarmerBeginner32/2
The Morning AfterAbsolute Beginner16/4
The Most Beautiful Girl Beginner 32/2
The Older I GetIntermediate32/2
The RoadEasy Improver32/
The Støvle DansImprover76/1
The Yellow and greenIntermediate64/2
Thears & LaughterIntermediate64/2
There Is A LightBeginner32/4
They walk the lineIntermediate36/4
Thinking WhiskeyIntermediate32/4
Thorn in My SideHigh Improver32/2
Through Your EyesImprover48/4
Till Its GoneImprover64/4
Til The Neons GoneImprover32/4
Til You Can´t Beginner16/4
Til You Can´tIntermediate32/4
Tipping PointBeginner32/4
This og ThatBeginner32/4
This Old HeartHigh Improver64/2
Throwback LovePhrased Intermediate (opvisning ? ) 4 drenge56/2
Time To Come TogetherImprover 2S32/4
Time To SurrenderIntermediate Viennese Waltz96/2
Times UpImprover32/4
TomorrowIntermediate / Advanced32/2
Train SwingBeginner32/4
Tribal TownImprover64/4
True BelieverImprover32/2
Trust in YouIntermediate32/4
Trust Me!Improver64/2
Trustfall BabyBeginner32/2
Try everythingAbsolute beginner32/4
Try everything (cartoon: zootropolis)Intermediate64/2
Tucson Too LateImprover48/2
Turning TablesIntermediate32/2