Navn Niveau Counts Stepsheets Video
I Close My Eyes Beginner 32/4
I Faked It Intermediate 64/2
I gave it all High improver 32/2
I Got Everything I Need Improver 32/4
I hate love songs High intermediate 96/2
I hate love songs Improver 24/2
I Like It Absolute Beginner 32/4
I Lived It Improver 32/4
I love a rainy night Beginner 32/4
I Met A Girl Intermediate 48/2
I Must Be Dreaming Improver 64/4
I’ve Been Waiting For You Improver 32/2
I’ve seen it all Easy Intermediate 64/2
I’m All Out Of salt Beginner 32/4
I’m On Fire
Beginner / Improver 28/4
I´m on My Way Beginner 32/2
I´m One Of Those Beginner 32/4
I’m Outta Salt Intermediate 64/2
I still fall for you Beginner 32/4
I Want A Cowboy For A Night Ultra Beginner 32/4
Ice Breaker Beginner 32/4
If I Were You Improver 40/4
If This Is Goodbay Easy Intermediate 64/2
If You Believe Easy Intermediate 32/2
If You Need Me Improver 64/4
Imellem Esbjerg og Fanø
Beginner 32/2
Impossible Love
Low Improver 40/2
In Heaven Intermediate NC2 36/2
In Our Blood Intermediate 64/2
In The Blood Intermediate 32/4
In to the dark night Improver 64/4
Irish Pub Song – Beg. Beginner 32/4
Irish Stew Beginner/Intermediate 32/4
Isabel & Jose Intermediate 64/2
Islands in the Stream Intermediate 32/4
Isn`t Enough Improver 48/4
It Ain´t My Fault Intermediate 64/4
Italiano Intermediate 64/5
It’s Been Fun Absolute Beginner 32/4
It´s Friday
It´s Worth A shot Intermediate 64/2