Navn Niveau Counts Stepsheets Video
Back Home Again Beginner 32/4
Back In Fashion Intermediate 48/4
Backroad Nation Improver 64/4
Back To Being Me Improver 40/4
Back to the Bar Intermediate 64/4
Before You Met Me Improver 32/4
Blackpool By The Sea Improver 32/4
Blessed Intermediate 48/2
bonaparte’s retreat Beginner 32/4
Blown Away Beginner 34/4
Bosa Nova Beginner / Intermediate 64/4
Boy Girl Thing Improver Cha Cha 32/4
Boys And A Girl Thing Beginner + 32/4
Break In Mountain Intermediate – Slow 64/2
Break It Back Down Beginner 32/4
Bright lights and country music Easy Intermediate 64/4
Burning Flame Intermediate 36/4
Bush Party Improver 64/2