Uge 32/2023

TirsdagOnsdagK = Koruptræf
M = Munkevænget
Begynder 17:30 – 18:20Øvede 17:30 – 18:50S = Søndagsdans 1/10
Until The Dawn (K,S)In Heaven (S)
Things (S)Devil in a Dress (M)
She’s a ( Natural )(Country Girl)Års. (K,M,S)Ghosted (M,S)
Tipping Point (S)Docter docter (S)
Lucky Lips (K,M,S) Everyone needs a hero (S)
Irish Pub Song (M)Jesse James (S)
Green Green Grass (K,M)If You Believe (S)
Salt Lime & Tequila (K)
Little Heartbreak (S)Vi når dem vi når 🙂
When Will I Be Loved (S)
Sunset Road (K,S)
My Little Old Lover (S)
Letøvede 18:30 – 19:20Begynder+ 19:00 – 19:50
Drinkaby (K,M,S) Outta My Mind (S)
Be A Better Man (K,M)You Need Aman Around Here (K)
Versions Of You (M)Walking on the Moon (K)
Heavens Jukebox (M)Forever and Ever (K)
Just A Memory (K,S)I Close My Eyes (K)
Kill the Spiders (K,S)I Want a Cowboy for a Night (S)
Storm And Stone (K)Chica Boom Boom (M,S)
I Still Fall for You (K)When You Smile (K,S)
Playboys (S)Little Heartbreak (M)
When You´re drunk (M,S)Champagne Promise (K,M,S)
2 Stepping Away (M,S)All You Need (M,S)
Mama & Me (K,M,S) Den allersidste Dans (S)
Tucson Too Late (M,S)
Øvede 19:30 – 21.00Letøvede 20:00 – 21:00
Ghosted (M,S)Scootin Bootin (k,S)
Chrystal Cha (M)Whole Again (K)
Dim The Lights (M) Adalaida (K)
Down To One (M) Frisky (K)
Take Myself Dancing (M) Impossible Love (K)
I’ve Seen It All (M) Calypso Mexico (M)
Wreckage (M) Never Gonna Grow Up ! (K)
3 Tequila Floor (M) When You´re Drunk (M,S)
Never Gonna Not Dance (M) Make It (S)
Diamonds In a Whiskey Glass (S)Til The Neons Gone (S)
If You Belive (M,S) Save It for a Sunny Day (S)
Devil in a Dress (M,S) Crystal Touch (S)
Jesse James (S)
Playing With Fire (S)
Mony Mony (S)
Vi når dem vi når 🙂
Forbehold for ændringer 😉
Årsdanse 2023/2024:
Beginner:Allways Will, Natural, I still Fall For You
Improver:My Next Sad Song, Scootin’ Bootin’