Uge 18/19

Onsdag starter sommerdans, og der vil blive startet med gennemgang af gadedanse til Skærbæk træf. 

Tirsdag Onsdag
Øvet Nye begynder  Let øvet Begynder/ let øvet
18.00 – 18.45 19.00 – 19.45 20.00 – 20.45 18.30 – 20.20
Nothing but you          Hello My Love (Baby) Reason to Stay Little Country Race              
Keep It Simple          Until The Dawn Remember These Words

I Close My Eyes              
The Yellow And Green Try Everything Holiday Time Love Flow
My Angel and Me Little Country Race  People are good Why Did it have to be me
Second Hand Heart Texas Time ,Beg. Oh Me Oh My Oh Down To The


It´s Worth A shot The Most Beautiful Girl East to West 17 Drikke pause
Greater Than Me Story People are good
No Panic Oh me oh my oh
Perfect Graffiti
One Touch At A time One Touch At A time
Whiskey Bridges
Sweet Caroline
Holiday Time
Reason to Stay
Champagne Promise
The Yellow And Green
Down on your uppers
Forbehold for ændringer