Navn Niveau Counts Stepsheets Video
Hand Made For Me High Improver 48/2
Hand Me Downs Intermediate 28/4
Happy, Happy, Happy Improver 32/2
Hard Not To Love It Beginner 32/4
Hearts and Flowers Beginner 32/4
Heart Of An Engel Beginner/ Intermediate Waltz 48/4
Heartbreak Drinking Tour
High Improver 32/4
Heave Away
Absolute Beginner 32/4
Heaven’s Jukebox
High Beginner 32/4
Here Goes Nothing! Intermediate 64/2
Here we go High Improver 64/2
Here We Go -Easy Beginner 32/4
Hello Beautiful Intermediate 48/4
Hallo my love (baby) Beginner 32/2
Hillbilly girl High beginner 34/2
Hitch A Ride High Beginner 32/4
Home to you Improver 64/2
Homesick heart Improver 32/4
Holiday time Improver 40/2
Honey Bunch Beginner 32/4
Honky Tonk Race Low Improver 32/4
Hooked On It High Beginner 32/2
Human Dancer Intermediate 64/2