Navn Niveau Counts Stepsheets Video
Cadillac Tears Absolute Beginner 32/4
Cards On The Table High Improver 32/2
Caribbean Feeling Improver 64/2
Carnival Ride Improver 64/4
Celtic Duo Improver 64/4
Champagne Promise Beginner 32/4
Chasing Down A Good Time Intermediate 48/4
Chasing Stomps Beginner 32/4
Cherry bomb Improver 34/4
Chill factor Intermediate 48/4
Clap Clap Clap Intermediate Phrased 64/2
Cliché Love Song (Cliche love song) Intermediate 32/2
Close To You Beginner/ Intermediate 32/4
Come Dance with Me Beginner 32/4
Come On Down Improver 48/4
Confusing Love Improver 32/4
Cooler than Cool High improver 64/2
Cordigo High Beginner 32/4
Corazon Diamante (Diamond Heart) Intermediate 48/2
Country as can be Beginner 32/4
Country Boy Lovin Absolute Beginner 32/4
Country Looks Good On You Improver 48/3
Crazy Life Intermediate 64/4
Crazy Perfect Mess Intermediate 32/4
Crucified Intermediate 48/4