Navn Niveau Counts Stepsheets Video
A Cold Beer Beginner 34/4
A Complete Change Beginner 32/4
A double whiskey Improver 64/4
A Drink Beginner 32/4
A little Bit Jealous Beginner/improver 32/4
A little bit Lit Beginner 24/4
A little bit louder Improver 32/2
A Little Dancing in The Country
High Beginner 48/4
A Little Dance On The Edge Beginner 32/2
A Lot About A Little Beginner 32/4
Absolutely  Beginner 32/4
Aces and Eights Improver 64/4
Adalaida  Improver 32/2
Adios Cowboy Improver 32/4
All Day Long Intermediate 64/2
All Heaven Allows Improver 64/4
All Summer Improver 32/4
All The King`s Horses Intermediate 64/2
All The King´s men Beginner 4/32
All the Same (aka We Danced) Beginner 16/4
All You Need Beginner 32/4
Alter Ego Improver 32/4
Always Will Absolute Beginner 32/4
Angel & Corona Improve 48/2
Amame Easy Intermediate 64/4
American made Improver 64/4
And We Were In Love Intermediate 64/4
Angel In Blue Jeans Intermediate 64/2
Angeleno Improver/intermediate 64/2
Another Time Song Improver 40/2
Appeljack Improver 32/4
Around The Fire
Intermediate 48/2
At Your Worst Intermediate 64/2